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Being Well

When we feel well, we operate within our life optimally. We seem to be in a flow and life happens with ease. Our body feels good. Our daily tasks get done easily. The foods we eat keep us fueled to accomplish what’s required of us. What happens at work is mostly smooth and when not, we’re able to smooth out the rough edges rather quickly and easily. The relationships we encounter are pleasing, both to us and the other/others. Our home environment runs smoothly and is filled with what we find pleasing and energizing.

Now this creates a high level of well-being within, and minimal stress builds up during these times.  Although we do get into this kind of flow, we’re not likely able to maintain it for any period of time.  Just like the professional golfer’s flow, it ebbs.

These days, stress seems to be more the name of the game.  So how do we or can we stay healthy, besides eating nutritious super food, along the more stressful journey most of us encounter? How often, if ever, does the above scenario happen in real time?

One thing we can do for ourselves is to breathe and breathe deeply, often, throughout our day.  Believe it or not, it’s the single most important thing we can do for ourselves. If you’ll look at the people around you, you’ll see most of us breathing shallow. Sometimes our breathing is barely visible. And yet, the breath, which is oxygen, is the single most important item in our bloodstream and our entire body.

So do yourself a favor to help keep you well. Remember to breathe deep breaths often throughout the day.  It’s the single most important step we can take.


  1. Patti

    This is exactly what I tell people all of the time. Breathe! Is this a new site devoted to wellness?

    1. Donna (Post author)

      Yes, Patti. And we are under construction, so you may not want to turn your head away from our dust as you inhale your deep breath.
      Thanks for stopping by, and come back to visit us soon!


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