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Well Being Connections

Donna Mass

Hi and welcome. I’m Donna.

I experienced a close brush with death due to cancer in 1984. That got my attention, and I began a journey of discovering a healthy lifestyle. In 2012, when I learned that I was sensitive to 17 of 30 food groups, I adopted a gluten-free lifestyle.

I have spent over 30 years in health and wellness and have worked in Occupational Therapy. Since my journey with cancer and knowledge about my food sensitivity, I have learned how living healthy and minimizing stress can promote fullness of life.

The discovery that I could live a healthy life encouraged me to share my information with others who may be struggling with similar difficulties. Through Well Being Connections, combined with simple healthy recipes, Functional Yoga, essential oils, simple breathing techniques and what I have learned through my journey, I can give helpful hints and ways to keep life simple.